Tectonic is the first DeFi protocol designed to maximize capital efficiency, benefiting liquidity providers, traders, and borrowers.

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The TectonicMovement

All-in-one DeFi

Tectonic is an all-in-one DeFi protocol, putting funds to work in three simultaneous functions: exchange, lending, and stablecoin minting.

Maximizing Capital Efficiency

DeFi today is siloed, leading to inefficient capital usage. For every dollar locked, most protocols generate less than one dollar of utility. Tectonic’s design will multiply the utility of each dollar deployed, setting a new standard for DeFi capital efficiency.

No impermanent loss

Many DeFi protocols expose liquidity providers to the risk of impermanent loss. Tectonic eliminates the risk of impermanent loss by leveraging a single-sided AMM and tracking of assets and liabilities.

A brand new stablecoin solution

We will soon unveil a novel stablecoin solution that is only possible due to our all-in-one design. Stay tuned!